Property Management

Manage your property

We are providing property management services in the different cities of Bangladesh. We do interior and exterior cleaning also. In property management, we are offering:

01. Inspection & Reporting.

Inspection and reporting updates the client about the construction site and recommends the next course of action.

02. Repairing.
03. Remodeling.

Our team has seasoned civil engineers, architects and interior designers who will convert your dream into reality.

04. Financial Management.

If you are busy or non-residential Bangladeshi and you have property to look after, no worries, besides property management we offer financial management services, too. On behalf of you we make payment for different utilities e.g. gas, water, electricity, govt. taxes and collect rents so that you can have a tension-free life.

05. Cleaning.

We have cleaning service that serves in commercial and residential properties. We clean your property daily, weekly, monthly or as per customized requirements.